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First of all, I just want to say that I thought the session was going to be a total bust the way my son was behaving. You were SO patient in working with him. And I'm surprised that we actually got some really wonderful pictures. I should have bought some bubbles or other toys to distract him. However, clearly you've had a tremendous amount of experience in working with small children. Again, thank you for your patience in working with us and salvaging what could have been a total disastrous session!Kate

Shannon took on the very daunting task of photographing my entire family, which consisted of 9 adults and 5 children all under the age of 3. To add in another challenge, the photo shoot was scheduled in the middle of a heat wave, and the morning after a crazy storm knocked out all of the power in the area. Shannon was so amazing. She honored the appointment since she knew that we were all only in town for the day, and trecked all the way out to our house, despite the numerous trees down that required several detours. The actual photo session was certainly challenging, but Shannon did such an amazing job getting all of the kids (and adults, no easy task either!) to look at the camera and smile. She is so great with children, and really managed to draw their personalities out and get them giggling, despite crankiness due to lack of sleep and the heat. She went above and beyond in every aspect, including spending extra time with us to get individual family shots. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking to do photos, especially those with young children. She is talented, professional, and a great all around person. I look forward to working with her again.

Shannon, We love the pictures! Thank you so much. You really drew out my sweet little one and captured that smile of hers. We had a lot of fun and I'm already hoping to make it a tradition. Katya M

Our photos are amazing! She has such a laid back personaly, yet she will roll in the grass to make our kids laugh. Its hard to find a photograher like that. -Phil M

Dear Shannon,You are amazing! We had a blast --- you made the whole experience natural, creative and fun. You are so good at talking to the kids and sensing what will put them at ease and win them over. It's also clear that you are a both a pro who knows the technical side inside and out, and an artist with sensitive, exuberant vision. You were so generous with your time and attention and we find ourselves hunting around for another excuse to make an appointment with you. The photos are gorgeous and for once, I am eager to share them with EVERYONE!Warm regards,Keylan

The pictures Shannon took were not posed fake pictures you would expect from a less experienced photographer. She was able to bottle in time my son’s charisma and personality with her camera. I will forever cherish the pictures! Thank you so much.-Mary Ann

2015 Dainty Lamb Photography